Albatross Soup is an animated short hybrid documentary film based on an entertaining yet disturbing lateral thinking puzzle. Over 50 people have been recorded trying to guess this riddle using only “yes” or “no” questions. The film is a visual representation of the riddle unraveling as we hear a rapid fire kaleidoscopic soundscape of questions from each participant. An all knowing God-like voice guides the story by answering “yes” or “no” for each question.

Winnie Cheung / Director
Winnie is a Hong Kong born, Queens raised, Brooklyn based filmmaker. She frequently collaborates with artists across various disciplines, using illustration, animation, and dance to place the corporeal body within surreal spaces. She has directed films that have screened at Sundance Hong Kong, Marfa Film Festival and Fantasia International Film Festival with support from the Jerome Foundation. Additionally, her work as an editor has appeared at Tribeca, San Francisco International Film Festival and exclusive online outlets including Nowness, Vimeo Staff Picks and NYTimes Op-docs.

Fiona Smyth / Illustrator
Toronto’s Fiona Smyth is a feminist painter, illustrator, and cartoonist. For thirty-one years she has covered Toronto and elsewhere with her distinctive female charged graphics. Fiona teaches illustration and cartooning at OCADU (Ontario College of Art & Design University) and the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario). A collection of her Exclaim comics “Cheez 100” was published by Pedlar Press in 2001. Her first graphic novel, “The Never Weres” was published by Annick Press in 2011. Currently her comics can be found in Resist #1 and 2, edited by Francoise Mouly and Nadja Spiegelman.

Masayoshi Nakamura / Animation Director
Masayoshi means Good General in Japanese. He is a maker of all sorts of things, but mostly animation. Masa started out as a motion graphic designer, but now his focus is shifting more toward illustration and animation. Sometimes he directs, art directs, designs, or animates, and other times he does it all by himself with a little help from very close people. Masa is known for his morphy and swirly animation, but learning new things on every project and trying to get better than the last time and trying to achieve a higher goal. Sharpening his craftsmanship over the year, Masa hopes to be really great someday, and each project help him to be better.